Founded in 1955, Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne exists to bring collective focus and support to the creative sector of Northeast Indiana to elevate our community’s quality of life. Arts United is the third oldest united arts fund in the nation and the region’s only local arts agency and regional arts council.

Arts United is a private, nonprofit organization that serves Northeast Indiana through arts advocacy and promotion, fundraising and grantmaking, back-office business support, community and economic development, and Arts Campus Fort Wayne coordination. Last year, more than 80 arts and culture nonprofits and initiatives were strengthened by the organization’s support.


Arts United advances the creative sector by mobilizing resources to elevate our community’s quality of life.


Arts United adopts the community vision that Northeast Indiana will claim its place as a national destination by driving forward its creative sector with a regionally collaborative, dynamic, inclusive, and innovative spirit.


Create a margin of excellence for the creative sector
Encourage innovation and creativity
Exemplify good stewardship of the community’s resources
Operate collaboratively and inclusively

Core Initiatives

Arts United serves the community through these core initiatives

  1. Advocacy and Promotion
  2. Arts Campus Fort Wayne
  3. Capacity Building
  4. Community Development

Annual Reports & Financial Statements