Art Unites Us

The Art Unites Us podcast series

Art Unites Us in community and conversation. Northeast Indiana’s arts and culture is one of our strongest features–this interview series focuses on the people behind-the-scenes, out in the limelight, and cheerleaders on the sidelines and how we find common ground through art.

Art Unites Us – and makes us a stronger, more vibrant community.

Northeast Indiana’s vibrant quality of life is no small reason why Fort Wayne is now the fastest-growing community in the Great Lakes region. 

We are drawn to communities where arts, culture, and creativity are valued by the people who live, learn, work, and play there. Our region – which has wisely invested in vibrant places and organizations – is experiencing significant dividends from those investments in the form of a growing workforce and thriving economy. 

More than 18,500 jobs in Northeast Indiana are part of the creative industry, filled by people who make a living through writing, design, music, visual art, dance, etc. Major employers like Sweetwater and Vera Bradley were founded by creative entrepreneurs. 

A robust arts and culture community is good for our economy. The average arts patron spends $31.47 per person, per event, not including the price of admission, on restaurants, lodging, retail, transportation or childcare – discretionary spending that stays local.

When you stay active and connected in the community in ways that are meaningful to you; support arts and culture nonprofits, as well as local artists and makers; and let your elected leaders know that you care about building a more vibrant future for Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, you’re doing your part to help our community thrive.

Thank you for supporting the many ways in which art unites us – every day, everywhere, everyone in Northeast Indiana.

View inspiring stories of how art unites us as a community below.