The Creative Economy in Indiana

With support from the Indiana Arts Commission, Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. commissioned the Community Research Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne to conduct a review of the Creative Economy for the state of Indiana. The Creative Economy is defined by the New England Creative Economy Framework as a range of “occupations and industries that focus on the production and distribution of cultural goods, services and intellectual property.” This review provides a baseline profile of Creative Industries and Creative Occupations, segmented for the state, by region and by county.

Download the Pilot Report by Arts United
Download the Final Study by the Indiana Arts Commission


The overall objective of this project is to gather and establish a baseline profile for Indiana’s Creative Economy to support the activities of the Indiana Arts Commission and its stakeholders as they seek to:


  • Communicate the impact of the Creative Economy to decision makers, policy makers, academics, and practitioners;
  • Identify, classify and measure the contributions of artists and “creatives” to Indiana’s workforce;
  • Strengthen communities across the state of Indiana by measuring and communicating the impact of the Creative Economy at state, regional and county levels; and
  • Initiate a best practice of utilizing data to benchmark the Creative Economy, develop performance metrics, and initiate discussion about long-term strategies that align with broader goals for economic development and quality of life.