Amplify Art!

Amplify Art! is a crowdfunding platform designed to turn up the volume on art projects you want to see in Northeast Indiana.

Here’s how it works: Organizations and individuals submit ideas for arts-related projects in our region. Then a special Amplify Art! committee chooses which projects to feature on this website, and people like you amplify those ideas with funding gifts and social media awareness until the session ends.

Amplify Art! Application and Guidelines CY 2018

Campaigns are OUT OF SESSION until May 1, 2019, but while you’re here, take a look at some of our success stories.
Art This Way Calhoun Street Alleyway Mural
Art This Way
  $2534 Raised
Fort Wayne Ballet, Too and YOU!
Fort Wayne Ballet
  $1812 Raised
Barr Street Corridor Creative Illumination
Arts Campus Fort Wayne
  $2074 Raised

Amplify Art!

The Simple Five-Step Process

Organizations or individuals submit ideas for projects.


The Amplify Art! committee selects projects from the submissions and recommends them to the Arts United board for approval.


The campaign session begins when approved projects are posted on the Amplify Art! website.


During the 30-day session, Arts United leverages community connections to encourage support from corporate and private donors.


After 30 days, the campaign session ends, and artists receive a check for the money they raised, as well as a list of donors for their records.

Submitting a Project

Any organization or individual in Northeast Indiana can submit a project to be considered for Amplify Art! The Amplify Art! committee reviews applications for campaigns twice a year and recommends projects to the Board of Directors for each session. Priority will be given to projects that:
  • Amplify participation in local arts and culture.
  • Exemplify entrepreneurial, innovative or transformational spirit.
  • Involve organizations with established networks and social media followings.
  • Can be completed by organizations with a track record of success and accountability.
Read full grant guidelines For questions or information on how to submit a project for Amplify Art!, contact Grant and Program Manager Heather Closson n at or at 260 424-0646.

Have questions about applying?

Next campaign session: May 1, 2019 - May 31, 2019

Applications due: March 1, 2019

Thank you to these Amplify Art! sponsors.