The Fusion Band: A Collaborative Instrumental Ensemble | John Egger, Purdue University Fort Wayne

Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) School of Music prepares future music teachers to collaborate and engage with diverse learners and the community. The instrumental music education program seeks to prepare future educators to think and reflect critically and be able to implement creative and exciting musical experiences for 21st-century learners. More than likely, PFW music education graduates are working with your K-12 children and grandchildren in schools throughout northeast Indiana and across the country.

The Fusion Band! That’s what you get when you blend together middle school students who are eager to learn, music education students who are learning to teach, adult mentors, and the support of Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS). PFW Music Education students, led by Dr. John Egger, will create a Spring instrumental program for FWCS middle school students called The Fusion Band. Students who seek to become better performers outside of their regular music classes will be hosted at an FWCS middle school and educated after school in both large and small group settings for twelve weeks. At the end of twelve weeks the students will present a concert to showcase their progress. Dinner will be provided to students at each rehearsal, and with the help of generous donors, this program will be of little or no cost to FWCS.

All gifts are matched dollar for dollar, up to $1,000, by PNC Bank.