Indelible: A Midwest Mural Showcase | Francisco Reyes, Fort Wayne Open Walls

Francisco Reyes is a first-generation American born of Mexican immigrants. A resident of the Southeast side of Fort Wayne for over 20 years, he has worked with many organizations to plan and execute a number of community events intended to advance the positive image of hip-hop and other creative subcultures. With his primary goal being the creation of more inclusive spaces for community members to engage with public art, Reyes worked with the Public Art Commission in 2020 to establish Fort Wayne Open Walls. Indelible is Fort Wayne Open Walls annual exhibition of local and regional muralists.

The event features artists who create in a variety of styles and themes, coming from Fort Wayne as well as all through the midwest. Live paintings will take place across 15 walls through the Central Drive location, alongside a space that will be open for the public to engage and create their own works of art while enjoying a multitude of other activities taking place throughout this two-day event. There will also be an Open Wall location situated at the corner of Miner and Poplar near the Poplar Community Gardens, which will benefit from pieces by a group of artists working on a collaborative mural project. Both locations will host live music, free food, local artists, niche vendors, bboy battles, and a low-rider car show to create a vast sensory experience of creativity and culture that leaves all attendees satisfied.

All gifts are matched dollar for dollar, up to $1,000, by PNC Bank.