Compost Your Internet │ Kurt Roembke

Kurt is a classically trained musician who spends his time creating interactive, immersive art experiences in collaboration with visual and performing artists. He graduated from Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne with a double major in Classical Guitar Performance and Audio Recording Technology. With a growing interest in creative coding and app development, he has developed several SoundWalk apps that turn public spaces into audio worlds to explore. His interest in promoting conversations about more sustainable and humane internet design practices has led him to connect with artists around the world with similar aspirations.

Compost Your Internet is a solar science lab that will turn data collected from the compost piles at Dirt Wain into an interactive music experience, accessible via a solar-powered website. As the food scraps collected from this region break down, the data collected by various sensors will shift in tandem with temperature and moisture levels, the weather, the amount of sunlight, and even the presence of birds on the server, creating a new musical experience with each visit to the website. Every aspect of this system, from the computer and sensors that collect the data, to the server that hosts the website, will all be solar powered. By exposing people to the concepts of solar-powered media, and giving them an opportunity to engage with the data that’s being collected, we hope to start conversations about the sustainability of both our current food waste and website infrastructures.

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