Raymond Kent, EAVA, DMC-D, LEEP AP, ECA

Raymond is the founding Director of Westlake Reed Leskosky’s Innovative Technology Design Group overseeing firm wide team of acoustics, audiovisual, lighting, theater technology, information transport, and other low voltage specialty disciplines. He has considerable experience in the design and technology industries and over 10 years with WRL specializing in the design and specification of bleeding edge audiovisual, show control, lighting, projection, and theater technical systems.

Before joining the WRL team in 2005, Raymond was working in the LORT theater world providing design and project management from New York to Los Angeles and many places in between. In addition to his responsibilities with WRL, Raymond has taught adjunct design and technology classes at the University level, provided Master Class Level instruction, and is an adjunct faculty member of InfoComm International’s stable of professional educators.

Raymond is an acclaimed author with works including two books – A Spin Around Moving Lights and Electronics for Theater and is currently working on his third on using video in live entertainment. In addition Raymond serves as the Associate Editor for Architecture for Theater Design and Technology Magazine (TD&T) and has also published many technical articles in major industry publications such as TD&T Magazine, rAVe Publications, School Facilities Planning Management, Yale Tech Briefs, InfoComm International’s AllVoices, and many others.

In addition to designing theatrical and audiovisual systems for the firm’s cultural arts projects, Raymond is also an expert in audiovisual systems for our corporate, healthcare, educational, and civic clients providing design services for tele-presence, audio/video conferencing, digital signage applications, paging and background audio systems, classroom media technology, and room automation systems.