Matt Kelley

Matt Kelley founded One Lucky Guitar, a boutique creative agency in downtown Fort Wayne, in 2000. The firm’s mission is, “We communicate brand soul.” Over the last decade and a half, Matt and his team of 10 have done just that, providing brand consulting, marketing and advertising services for clients ranging from Carson Boxberger to Riverfront Fort Wayne, from Middle Waves Music Festival to Lutheran Health Network.

While One Lucky Guitar serves a diverse range of industries, the company has a particular focus in organizations and projects that contribute to the economic development and quality of place of our community, including work for Arts United, Downtown Improvement District, Fort Wayne Trails, Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, OrthoWorx and more. Additionally, Matt and his co-workers contribute directly to quality of life by helping spearhead events like Middle Waves, Fortissimo, Dessert, Down the Line and HollyPop, and even opened their own performance venue, The B-Side, within the walls of One Lucky Guitar.

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