Larry Hennessey, AIA

Larry Hennessey is a Project Director with Westlake Reed Leskosky and has extensive experience in project management for new construction and renovation for a variety of project types. He has focused particularly on historic preservation and adaptive re-use since he joined the firm 13 years ago. His experience includes many significant works for state and federal government, courts, performing arts and cultural institutions. He has led projects involving restoration and renovation of listed historic structures ranging from the care of specific historic materials to complete building renovations that have achieved the highest energy performance goals. Larry has performed project management, design, planning, document production and contract administration services for more than 23 years. His varied experience with all the phases of a project brings a valuable perspective to the architectural process. As Project Director, Larry has successfully managed and led teams of architects and consultants from project start up to completion for multi and single phased projects, in both new construction and renovation with budgets ranging over $20 million.