Art Starts Here

And it starts with you.

We often think of “here” in the literal sense—You are here.
“Here” can also be a state of mind or feeling—I feel it here.

What’s most exciting are those movements or moments that speak to both. When it ignites a community around an idea and a feeling—and connects it with a place. A place that embodies and exemplifies what that idea means to people. A place that not only symbolizes what art means to our community—it strengthens it.

That’s the inspiration behind “Art Starts Here.” Whether it’s a kitchen, a classroom, a car, or Arts Campus Fort Wayne, art can start—and thrive—anywhere in our community. And our community is a better place to live, work, and play when we appreciate and support the role art plays in our quality of life.

Even though art is all around, it can be easy to take it—and the organizations that make it possible—for granted. But your support for art in our community is more important than ever. The time to voice your support for art is now.

After all, art is more than just a place—and it’s more than just people. It’s the best of both—and so much more. No matter who you are, and no matter where you are…art starts here. With you.