Mar 17

AUTHOR: Jasmine Bejar
CATEGORY: Arts United News
Stories of Impact


Art’s Impact

At Arts United, we believe that arts and culture is a fundamental part of a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous community.  We are committed to increasing the visibility and access to the arts for all, and here’s why…

Art has an environmental impact. Art beautifies our cities. It creates a vibrant atmosphere for gathering and socializing in our communities. It promotes civic engagement and inspires us to care for our surroundings.

Art has an emotional impact. The arts connect us and promote understanding between cultures. It tells our stories, our history, in ways that entertain and engage. It heightens and humanizes our understanding of world events, and enhances our relationships with others.

Art has an economic impact. Art brings dollars into the community. When you drive to Chicago or Indianapolis, you are spending money in that area’s restaurants, parking facilities, hotels and entertainment venues. We want Fort Wayne to be the destination for entertainment dollars!

Art has an educational impact. Young people involved in music, theater and visual arts are more likely to be excited about school, resulting in higher test scores, GPAs and graduation rates.  Later in life, these students go on to be more connected to and financially supportive of their communities.

It’s simple. Art elevates our quality of life, and Arts United will continue to make investments in more than 70 organizations in northeast Indiana that encourage us to feel deeply, question bravely and dream boldly.

Join us.