Mar 02

AUTHOR: Jasmine Bejar
CATEGORY: Arts United News
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March Taizhou Opera Visit Cancelled

The Taizhou Opera performances planned in local schools, during the FAME festival and at the Embassy Theatre in March have been cancelled due to the performers’ and accompanying officials’ inability to obtain the appropriate type of visa to enter the United States.

Taizhou, China is a sister city of Fort Wayne, and this would have been the group’s first trip to the United States. The Taizhou Opera performs tradition Chinese Opera dating back over 400 years with dramatic song, colorful costume and acrobatic dance.

The Taizhou Opera was partially funded by the generosity of community members during the Fall 2016 Amplify Art! Cycle. We would like applaud these donors for their support of this tremendously exciting cultural exchange.

Arts United remains committed to supporting Fort Wayne Sister Cities as they plan this tremendous cultural exchange for a later date. The Amplify Art! grant agreement with Sister Cities States that if the funded program is not completed as planned, Fort Wayne Sister Cities will repay funds raised through Amplify Art! to affected donors.

Arts United staff will be in contact with individual donors that are affected. If you have questions about your gift or would like to request repayment at this time, please contact Fort Wayne Sister Cities.

We applaud you for your support of this exciting cultural exchange. We hope that you’ll continue to join us in expressing appreciation for Fort Wayne Sister Cities’ efforts to represent our city throughout the world.