Feb 15

AUTHOR: Jasmine Bejar
Stories of Impact


Art & You: Victoria Gardner



Victoria Gardner first got involved in our art community when she became an intern for Arts United in high school. This internship exposed Victoria to the operations side of theatre production—from stage managing to technical theatre to, of course, scene production.


Victoria is currently the Scenic Artist at the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre. She first got involved with the Civic during her internship with Arts United, where she would help with Civic and Youtheatre projects whenever she had extra downtime. At the suggestion of her supervisor at Arts United Miriam Morgan, she began to explore scenic art as a career path (originally most interested in photography). After her internship at Arts United ended, she continued to spend time volunteering with the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre and attended the University of Saint Francis to obtain her BFA in Painting.

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Today, as Civic’s Scenic Artist, Victoria creates the world that the Civic Theatre productions take place in on stage. “I love what I do because I get to help create something big that many people throughout our town will be able to enjoy. I am so lucky because I get to help create a whole world in the Scene Shop and on the stage for our audience to get lost in. I also really enjoy being able to help and teach our volunteers new things in the shop, and how I get to learn from them as well, even if it is not related to theatre.”

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“My favorite part of the whole process is when I finish a backdrop because it gives me a great amount of accomplishment to complete something so big, as the backdrops are 24ft tall and 48ft wide.”

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“Although it is somewhat cliché, art is important because it is different and beautiful. It is not something everyone gets create all the time, but it is something we all can enjoy together. Art also makes us unique. The art here in Fort Wayne makes us stand apart from other cities just as their art makes them stand apart from us.”