Arts Campus


The Arts Campus provides a professional edge to community-centered creative organizations and artists by offering spaces and resources in which to incubate and produce local artistic work and creative activities.

“These organizations of the arts, when they come together to be a single center – does it mean that something new is born? I looked for the nature of the combination, and I realized that it does…simply by their being together rather than being apart.”

Louis Kahn, c. 1962. Architect for the Arts United Center and the original designer of the campus for the arts.

The vision for a lively downtown cultural hub that began more than fifty years ago has found new energy in Arts United’s activities today. Armed with the necessary resources to succeed as businesses, Arts Campus occupants are able to focus on attaining a higher level of creativity and excellence in their craft.

As the campus grows, hundreds of families pass through the campus each week for performing and visual arts classes, events, exhibitions and more. That generates a new level of visibility and awareness for the variety of arts and cultural activities available. The result? When our cultural assets thrive, our community is enriched. And not just artists and art lovers benefit — the entire region feels the effect of a lively cultural core.